California is said to provide 10% of the weekly vaccine supply for educators

Governor Gavin Newsom announced Friday that state officials will set aside 10% of the weekly allotment of COVID-19 vaccine doses for educators in California starting next month in an effort to advance the process of reopening more public school campuses as virus conditions improve in communities across the state.

The announcement, made during a visit to a vaccination clinic in Oakland, marked a rapid turnaround after the school resumed negotiations between Newsom and state lawmakers stalled partially about the reluctance of the governor to promise vaccinations to teachers and school staff.

"The reason we can do this more formally, despite having allowed this to happen for the past few weeks, is because of the window into the future with more vaccinations now coming from the Biden administration," Newsom said.

Based on the federal government's current vaccine allocations, the state will reserve around 75,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine for school workers. The governor didn't say whether teachers and classified staff should expect full treatment – current vaccines require two injections – before returning to campus, or whether they should be vaccinated soon after schools open.

On Thursday, Democratic lawmakers tabled a proposal to reopen the school to allow staff access to vaccines, but less than 24 hours later held the specific allocation set by Newsom. The $ 6.6 billion plan is focused on elementary schools and provides government funding for health and safety needs in those locations, as well as funding to cover programs later in the school year to address the learning loss of millions of California school children.

The California range of vaccines has grown gradually over the past few weeks. in the a post on TwitterNewsom announced on Friday that it will make more than 1.3 million doses available next week, rising to 1.4 million doses in the final week of February and more than 1.5 million in early March – the week that the educational vaccination program would begin.

The governor's announcement contrasted with multi-week comments urging educators not to make vaccinations a requirement for elementary schools to reopen. He started these efforts at the end of December in order to gain acceptance in the legislature. Last month, Newsom told a group of school administrators that a mandate for vaccines would mean there would be no face-to-face learning at all during the current school year.

On Friday, he said the upcoming vaccine allotment should clarify whether more students can safely return to campus in the coming weeks.

"It has to happen much earlier than the current path we are on," he said. "We believe this will help move this thing forward."

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